Day 5 - Feb. 5 2017

"Eastern" - Luke Galati


Luke Galati is a Ryerson journalism student who is fascinated with the world of visual storytelling. He is the director of the award-winning documentary, Eastern, which chronicles the final season of the Eastern Commerce Saints, Canada’s most historic high school basketball program.

Eastern made its premiere before a sold-out crowd at the Toronto Short Film Festival in March 2016. Eastern took home the award for Best Short Documentary. It was then screened at the Royal Cinema in Toronto’s Little Italy. The endeavour was funded by the RCDS with all of the profits being raised for the charity, Peoples Basketball. Eastern was then selected to be a part of the Canadian Sport Film Festival in May, 2016 in Toronto at the prestigious TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre. Eastern then screened in Toronto’s Distillery District, with all of the funds raised donated to a Ryerson scholarship in the memory of Shae Frattura. Eastern was also selected for inclusion at the 2016 Regent Park Film Festival.     

Luke is currently finishing his undergraduate degree at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism. He is now working on his next documentary project and lives in Toronto’s east-end.


"White Flag" - Jessamine Fok 


Jessamine Fok is from Toronto, Ontario and is a first-year student in the Film Production program. Her aspirations are to direct and write. Before being immersed in film, she studied contemporary dance for 15 years and studied at Broadway Dance Centre's International Student Visa Program in New York. Being a former dancer with an affinity for film and photography, she has always been drawn to combining the two art forms. White Flag is a long-awaited realized vision, and also Jessamine's first film.

White Flag: Directed by Jessamine Fok and choreographed by Rebecca Zizek, White Flag is an experimental short dance film inspired by aesthetics from the Greek Classical period. The purpose of the film is to elevate dance as a visual form, and to create a more intimate presentation of performance art, devoid of a traditional stage-like setting. Being a highly stylized and visual piece, the focus is placed on utilizing improvisational movement to interact with the environment and surroundings.

"Rebel" - Shayne Hontiveros


Shayne was born and raised in the Philippines and lived in Montreal for four years. Currently, she is a first-year Film student at Ryerson University. She is interested in making films with bold statements.

Description of the work: Rebel is a short experimental about what society has become—violent, corrupt, unbalanced and repetitious. This short aims to spread awareness about the issues around the world with the artist’s self-expression. Given all the violence happening, it aims to share the important message without having to show actual violence, but rather a statement about it. Rebel was showcased in school film festivals in Montreal and Florida and won awards such as Best Sound, Best Experimental and Best Editing.

Catharsis & Help Me (Help You) - Eva Kozlova


Eva Kozlova is a second year student at Ryerson University in the Image Arts Film Studies faculty. In the past several years, she has begun exploring a multitude of creative mediums, with a primary focus in photography, as well as a keen interest in writing, film and design. She is a published finalist for Photo Life Magazine’s 2016 Emerging Photographers competition, and has recently worked in social media content creation for commercial businesses. Eva is eager to expand both her technical and artistic facilities as she continues to learn from, and collaborate with various creators and engage with the art community.



Keeley Coyle is a second year Film Studies student at Ryerson University. She is an artist who typically immerses herself within visual art such as painting and drawing, and is now merging her artistic abilities toward image arts such as film and photography.

She is excited to continue her studies and collaborate with other artists who abide by the same approach.

"Skyward" - Julia Krulicki

Graphite pencil drawing which depicts a child's openness to different possibilities and determination to reach goals, however small or large.

"Nine By Nine Cube" - Jiaqi Liu

We were to create a space that demonstrates human's relationship to nature. And display this through a 9x9 cube. In my approach to this project, I decided to utilize the way we engage with trees and it's canopies. The shade it provides and the way trees are situated to dictate circulation.

"Adam" - Rebecca Lacroix

I am an artist who seeks to create beautiful, simple and imaginative pieces of art that speak to the human condition and inspire the soul. This piece, a portrait, pursues the goal of capturing the essence of this man not just in his eyes and face, but through the entire canvas as a whole.

"Wildthink Office Design" - Amanda Ross

Wildthink is an advertising agency that strongly believes in collaboration and delivering high quality advertising services to their clients. With this new location and redesign they are looking to create a space that provides not only a meaningful and productive experience for the employees but also gives their clients a glimpse into what their company is all about. The main concept of the space will be the idea of connection. This idea is not only inspired by the history of the building but it correlates with how Wildthink conducts itself as a company and it relates directly to the work that Wildthink does. First of all, the theme of connection relates to the history of the building at 950 Dupont because it was dedicated to gear manufacturing. As for the relation to how Wildthink conducts itself, the idea of gears meshing and connecting and working together seemed very fitting for a company that relies so greatly on collaboration and teamwork. It is a nice symbol of Wildthink’s core values and how they promote wellbeing for their employees. Lastly, this idea of connection is enforced in the work Wildthink does. As a digital marketing agency they are virtually connecting the public with their clients. By having a theme that is supported by every aspect of the company and location, the design will become unique to Wildthink. Furthermore, Wildthink’s design will embrace history through the use of materials but also incorporate fun colours for this young creative audience.

"polish'd" - Emily Skublics & Naomi Brearley

Photography by: Danielle van Werkhoven

Photography by: Danielle van Werkhoven


polish'd was created to fill a gap in the Toronto fashion publication industry. Realistic advice and prices were curated based on the decision-driving values of today's young adults. They use Google to find their next cheap pair of boots; what they want from a fashion authority is where to find homegrown, sustainable, high-quality, yet affordable gems. The catch: they still want it in Google's pared-down, real-talk format. Enter polish'd, the urban everygirl's guide to achieving their desired lifestyle.

In the fall of 2016, a pair of Creative Industries students set out to make their Fashion Journalism class project into something more ambitious. As students that don't strictly study journalism, photography, or graphic design, creating a mini-magazine is daunting, but proved doable with enough creativity, passion, and grit. Collaborating with photography student Emmett Charuk, they conceived a fashion editorial and assembled a gang of influential women on campus to model. They conceived polish'd as a an outlet to test their own limits -- and it worked. 

"Helical Bridge" - Mariam Elzein 

The site is an abandoned railroad bridge worthlessly laying across the Don River and the Don Valley Parkway. Helical Bridge aims to revitalize this inert space, transforming it into a pedestrian footbridge connecting Evergreen Brick Works with its southeasterly residential neighborhood. With steel as its main structural material, the Helical Bridge can be constructed of recycled steel- melted and reformed. The Helical Bridge also offers flexible shading conditions with its PTFE louvers, made to be easily adjusted by its users through a system of gears and chains. The Helical Bridge ultimately focuses on the theme of ‘Recycle’ using recycled steel, but more importantly, through the ‘recycling’ of the Half-Mile Bridge.