Day 3 - Feb. 4 2017

"Stone Cold" - Mikael M. Melo


Born in raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Mikael studies RTA: Media Production at Ryerson University in Toronto. His concentrations are Media Business, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and On-Screen Broadcasting. Mikael has done a lot of content creation over the years through his work on RUTV, RUStudentLife, SBTV, as well as his own youtube channel “mikaelmmelo”. He has helped direct and produce a mental health awareness video for Kids Help Phone, a documentary about an orphanage in Honduras, as well as script write and cast the short sitcom web series titled “Frienemies”. Mikael has come together once again with Sagi Kahane-Rapport to bring “Patience - The Story of a Broken Heart”. This will be the 4th co-produced and co-directed collaboration between the two (Greatest Time of Year, Stone Cold - A Movement Piece, MAPS).

"Saccharine" - Adam Bovoletis

Enter our candy-coated house of wonders and reveal the secrets that lurk beyond in this untamed music-video for Toronto band Plaitwrights.


"In An Instant" - Chloe Brouitt


This short documentary explores the fading medium of Polaroid photography through the eyes of Toronto collector Kyler Zeleny. His Found Polaroids Project attempts to salvage the tangibility of Polaroid film, giving it new life in today’s digital age. In An Instant is a two-time TARA Award nominee.

Production Company:
Vegan Mink Productions

Chloe Brouitt
Izzy Ahrbeck
Yona Strauss
Taylor Reynolds


"Illicit" - Alicia MacGibbon


"Illicit" is a heartfelt story about the struggle that a young woman, Jamie, faces with addiction. Her journey that follows is filled with emotional events and growth.

I was inspired to create this film because of all the teens and young adults that struggle with addiction and see no light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to inspire the ones who lost their way to know that they can overcome their hard times. Maybe Jamie's story can inspire someone to make a change in their own life.

"The Art of Expanding Consciousness"
- Ryan Vienneau


The Art of Expanding Consciousness is an experimental film about the psychedelic experience and a document arguing for the use of psychotropic agents to enhance artistry and spirituality

Presenters: Ethan Murphy and Ryan Vienneau


"[De]Light" - Hyo Yeon Lee


[De]Light answers the challenge of “Suspend” using steel as a structural material. It revitalizes the vacated lot of Mel Lastman Square in the heart of North York. Modules elegantly expand over the space using dynamic yet graceful curvatures, allowing users to have varying experience in different times. [De]Light was an entry for the 15-16 SSEF Design Competition.


Jimmy Hung
Wonseob Jung
Hyo Yeon Lee
Nicole Li

"A Single Spark" - Mackenzie Lawrence


Mackenzie Lawrence grew up in the Okanagan, BC and recently moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University. She is majoring in Creative Industries with a minor in Photography Studies. She became interested in photography after she traveled to Italy in 2015.

"Emma" - Gabi Macias


Emma embodies the beauty of nature, it flows from her being. Even while surrounded by an urban landscape her love for the earth blooms around her, uniting her two passions of simplistic beauty and unrefined surroundings.

"Eye Opening"  - Benjamin Bomben

The man’s face appears unaware of what is going on as the hand (society) carves into his face with the very tool that was used to create this artwork. Often people try to change themselves to better fit society’s idea of beauty. It is when we realize that we are losing ourselves in an ideal image that we truly open our eyes.

"DRIFT" - Celia Lees

I created this garment for my 2nd year design class at Ryerson. It explores the concept of being able to experience life and not getting stressed out by the little things which I refer to as “drifting”. Being able to Drift allows us to have a clear mind and more enjoyable lifestyle. This garment is made of a poly-silk organza shell. There are various layers of tulle to make the skirt larger and creates the full silhouette. Several hours were spent cutting apart and hand sewing on the pearls and flowers. I desire for this garment to make viewers feel open minded and inspired.

AQVA VITA - Adrian Chiu

We live a life of convenience at the detriment of the environment, resulting in an accelerated decay of the planet. As both a public announcement and interactive art installation, Aqva Vita attempts to reflect our active but unconscious human imposition on the environment.

The station will serve as a visual poem; each wall forming a stanza that narrates the cycle of human interaction with nature. With engagement from visitors, the shelter and its sense of enclosure will begin to form as they contribute surrounding natural or artificial elements into the structure. By building an enclosure through the participation of community, Aqva Vita will stand as a visual display that exhibits their treatment of the waterfront.

"People of Toronto Looking at Art" - Jessica Song  

People of Toronto and Art is a series of photos that illustrate and capture the relationship between the humans of Toronto and art, that is being observed. This series documents how many react to art and their body language towards art. The world of art is something extraordinary and artworks are best seen in person. It is different from seeing a piece on a computer screen versus in real life. Now we are able to virtually go to The Louvre in seconds but the act of walking around a gallery, in person, is half of the experience. Although this series is about the people, it doesn’t necessary put a face to who the subject it. Many people have their backs turned to the camera so that the subject is open to interpretation for the viewer because anyone can be a part of the photo. All the photos in this series have a common wide quality to them. I wanted some to have a specific subject and some to have several subjects the viewer could look around for.