Q: What type of submissions is GLARE looking for? 

A: We are accepting all kinds of submissions! It can photos, videos, graphics, installations, performances, sketches, designs, etc. As long as your a student within the Faculty of Communication and Design or Architecture at Ryerson you can submit. 

Q: When do submissions close? 

A: January 16th, 2017

Q: When will the schedule be released? 

A: We will list what events will be offered as soon as possible. Due to the nature of hiring working artists, speakers, and professionals this schedule often isn’t finished until right before the event. 

Q: How can I get involved? 

A: We will be looking for volunteers once our tickets release. Stay tuned to our social media for more details! 

Q: I submitted work but haven't heard anything yet. When will I know if my work has been accepted? 

A: We are constantly reviewing submissions and all should hear by January 20th, 2017. Please contact regarding your submission.