What is GLARE? 

GLARE is a weekend festival that is dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging leaders in fine art, communication, and design in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The festival is specifically designed for and attended by communication & design students, industry professionals, and art & design lovers. 

This three day festival includes workshops and classes lead by some of the top industry professionals, complimented by an exhibit featuring vendors from the industry and a nightly showcase displaying student work. 

What Makes GLARE Unique? 

"Bridging the GaP"

GLARE strives to bridge the gap between industry professionals and students.


GLARE's workshops focus on the creative elements that are important to the nine schools of FCAD. They provide the opportunity for students to to apply knowledge and skills that have been developed in-class in an out-of-the-classroom setting.

Industry Mixers

GLARE's industry mixers bring focus to the business perspective of the industry. It serves as a networking opportunity for attendees to hear from and to meet established individuals/companies in Toronto. 

GLARE Showcases

Each night, GLARE will showcase the work of different students. All works will be pieces created by students in the FCAD at Ryerson University. Students within FCAD are leaders of innovation, creation, and execution. The showcases provide the opportunity for student work to be shown beyond the walls of the university. Additionally, it provides students the opportunity to display their work to a larger audience and to explore their passions. 

Online PRogramme

All the works being presented at GLARE, whether in a showcase or at the Exhibit Hall will be featured in the online programme, located on our website! Smaller works will also have the opportunity to be featured throughout this programme as well. 


GLARE is a way to showcase your work which utilizes exposure, exclusiveness, and connection to public and industry.

Most importantly, it is a weekend dedicated to professional development of FCAD students as artists, innovators, and future leaders in the creative fields.

GLARE's Three Pillars

1. Connecting your work and development directly to industry.

2. Adding a new perspective to your creative and professional process.

3. Giving you the opportunity to connect and learn from every school in FCAD.